Original French Model MAS 1873 11mm Revolver Dated 1878 – Serial Number 2074



Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful condition example of the service revolver model 1873 Chamelot-Delvigne which was the first double-action revolver used by the French Army. It was produced by Manufacture d’armes de Saint-Étienne from 1873 to 1887. Although replaced by the Modele 1892 revolver, it was nevertheless widely used during the First World War, and issued to reserve units in 1940. The Resistance made widespread use of it during the Occupation. Both the 1873 and the 1874 use a 11mm cartridge which proved to have an insufficient velocity. The weapons themselves were very reliable and resistant.

This excellent mechanically sound example is in the original bright finish, though it does have some staining due to over 100 years of age. It is marked Mre d’Armes / Saint-Étienne on the right side of the frame and features all matching serial number 2074 on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, cylinder, and cylinder axis pin. The top of the barrel is marked Mle 1873 and the side of the barrel is marked S. 1878, indicating the revolver was manufactured in 1878. Many of the small parts of the revolver are also marked with assembly number U/74.


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